Get Her Outta Here

Sydney Australia 

April 19 20 21 / 2018

The combination of physical work, especially the expressively spectacular face that has the ability to be extraordinarily handsome/beautiful that shifts to contortions of fascinating grotesquery, the the telling of the self-written stories make for a startingly interesting feminine/feminist exampling of the complexity of the female subterranean inner monologue of our species, that not all of us have knowledge of. Ms Broccolini demands that attention must be paid to it.
— Kevin Jackson


“Red Lady has fallen from planet earth, a planet that no longer exists. She has landed in the room of red; a small box floating in out of space. Faced with the realisation that she has lost everyone and everything, Red Lady is forced to discover a whole new world and way of survival.”


Broccolini's creation is a darkly raw absurdist comedy about Red Lady, a symbol and exploration of the female identity. Red Lady is thrown into deranged situations and finds herself within a world of her own creation. Broccolini offers up a delicacy of awkwardly grotesque stories with the thread of human worth throughout. Described as “Frantic Radness”, Broccolini writes, performs and directs the struggles of Red Lady

Be warned there is course language and strong sexual references within this show.

Sound Composer

Grace Huie Robbins

Grace Huie Robbins is a Sydney based maker and composer of music, sound and video. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and Australian Film Television Radio School, Grace’s work is concerned primarily with creating emotive and immersive Audio/Visual experiences that explore the relationship between chaos and structure.

Working extensively on collaborative projects with artists in theatre, contemporary dance, audio-visual installation and concert music as well as scoring film and documentary shorts featured at international festivals such as Palm Springs Shorts fest and Cannes Film Festival Cinéma des Antipodes, Graces work has been exhibited as part of White Night Melbourne, NIDA Independent, Expanded Architecture Sydney and Fringe festivals across Australia as well as events by Front Left and Heaps Gay.


Broccolini’s speech is coy, but glimpses of honesty are revealed in her storytelling, to help our minds assemble a sense of truth for the red lady. Under the quirky and jokey, almost camp, deflecting exterior, lies a distinct rage, drenched in blood, perhaps too gory to expose unadorned. Get Her Outta Here is a woman’s fight with territory, even as she resists every place that she finds herself. Outsiders wish to be anywhere but here, and for us, the cliche is especially true, that it is the journey, and not the destination, that fulfils. Our project of reclaiming and redefining space, is not yet able to afford any room for complacency. For the time being at least, the red lady’s adventures with her red suitcase shall not cease.
— Suzy Wrong